Sunday, 17 July 2011

 Man, I need me a pair of these Jeffrey Campbell Platform Boots.

 These pretty much epitomise 'break your neck' shoes, but know what? Sometimes I reckon a broken neck is a good price to pay for a pair of banging shoes. I say this with no experience of ever breaking a bone, let alone a neck bone.

I'm sure however if I had broken my neck at some point in my 20 years it would be a very different story. Anyway, I'm going off on a bone related tangent. Point is these shoes are the bees knees, quite literally, if bees were to wear shoes on their knees they would choose these.

Apparently though I don't have a spare couple of hundered squids to fork out for these. If anyone fancies being generous my feets be a size 6. If you're feeling even more generous I've been after a pair of the Miu Miu cat print shoes for many a moon.

It truly would be a cat-astrophe if I weren't to own these.
Yep, I went there.


  1. Yes please to all of the above (i'm a size 6 too!) x hivenn

  2. I completely agree! Am totally in love with these shoes. I just included them in my 'July Lookbook' post! I wouldn't mind breaking my neck in them as long as my feet looked good!

    Carly x

  3. they look so cool. and i love the ones with the american flag on it.