Monday, 6 January 2014

what a stud

I've seen a few really good DIY posts about studding different clothes on people's blogs recently. I especially loved Sophie Isobel's shirt DIY that she had been inspired to create after seeing Alexa Chung working a similar style.

I had some left over studs (as you do) from when I studded a leather jacket which you can see in this post here. These kind of studs are really cheap to get off eBay, you can pick up a pack for around £2/£3 depending on how many you want.

I first off DIYed this sleeveless denim waistcoat collar and thought it looked quite neat. Studding clothes could not be any easier, there's no art to it other than deciding where you want to place the studs and piercing them through the item. You really don't have to be Einstein to do it! (Do you think Einstein studded his clothes? I hope he did, he would go even higher in my estimations if he rocked a studded blazer.)

Oh and please excuse the poor quality last photo. Took it on ma webcam which is definitely no SLR lens let's put it that way...

As well as the little denim DIY I also wanted to customise this sheer black shirt. Picked it up at a car boot yonks ago for a quid and have wanted to do something with it ever since.
It went from this..

To this...
And the studs go all the way around the back of the collar too.

What do you think? Will you be studding your clothes any time soon?