Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cosmic Continued!

Hullo! (Does anyone else find it really difficult to word the start of a blog post? I've just been sat at my computer writing things like 'Hello, How are you?' but being a blog and not a human conversation a question isn't really the right lexical choice.) Anyway, after that minor tangent I will arrive at the point of this blog post soon I promise.

Basically, after my previous post where I created / DIYed a t shirt based on the lovely Your Eyes Lie cosmic designs, I decided to branch out and create a bag in a similar style!

In true customisation style, here is a picture of before and after:

I took my inspiration for this design from another cosmic print t shirt design on the Your Eyes Lie website:

Man I love this t shirt so much! This top can be bought from YEL for 32 British pounds.So in order to create a bag in a similar style, here is my mini tutorial!:

You might also need a plate and some newspaper!

Pretty darn simple really! Once it's dry you'll be ready to hit the streetz with you new and really cheap but ultra cool bag! And you definitely don't have to be Van Gogh to create it, you can spray and paint in any which way you like and I can guarantee you it will look awesomez.
Me modelling my bag! This photo is an accurate representation of how I carry all of my bags.

cheeky close up of my painted bag

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or fancy making your own, I'd love to see how it has turned out!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Cosmic Girl. Yes I just quoted Jamiroquai.

WOW it has been a bloody long time since i posted here. I had to fight my way through dust and cobwebs just to sign back in to blogger. But anyway, here I am and I'm gonna keep owwwrrn bloggin'! 

Recently I've been doing a lot of customisation, doing up old clothes, ya know all that creative shenanigans I've been yearning to do for ages but NEVER find the time to do! 

So after making that board of photos of things I Really want (note the gramatically incorrect capital R on 'really' - intentional) I considered actually buying some of them. Then I realised that not only am I not as rich as I would like to be, but also that money doesn't grow on trees either. Bummer.

Possibly my favourite item was the cosmic / galaxy print tee by Your Eyes Lie. It is truly a thing of wonder, and as of late I have had a minor fixation with this galaxy print, it is truly out of this world. I use some awful puns, just a casual warning there for posts to come.

These tops retail on the YEL website at about £35 - £50. Being a student you can undertsand my fury over these digitz. So I took it upon myself to try and create my own! I'm no Van Gogh but I do try.

I found a tutorial over at Selina Zawacki's blog on how to make a galaxy shirt and this really helped me so here's a link to her blog: here's the link!

So here's how I did it, with help from her tutorial...

1. Started out with a plain black tee. This is a man's t shirt, you can buy these from Primark for around £2 / £2.50 .

I won't repeat literally everything that's in the tutorial I've linked you to above as it's really clear in its intructions so if you're interested in creating your own do take a look! These are just my photos of how i followed the instructions and how mine turned out!

Using part bleach and water in a spray bottle on to the cotton
Then with a wet paintbrush and some white and blue acrylic paint I splattered the t shirt by tapping the bristles. Again full instructions on the tutorial!

Here's the finished product!

Literally the worst quality photo but one above of me in the top! Thinking of cutting the sleeves and adjusting the neckline in to more of a vest style. Not sure at the moment, but I'm pretty haps with how it turned out in the end! What do you think?

This was inevitably going to be posted here. Massive choon.