Saturday, 18 May 2013

Americano Americano

Hello! I feel like I've not blogged in a little while.. I spent last week down in Brighton, soaking up the sun,  exploring the lanes, making marshmallow and butterscotch pancakes (mega noms) and eating waaay too much spag bol! If I get round to it I might post about it! I say "if I get round to it", I spend most of my days in my pj's eating Ben and Jerry's out the tub. I really should be more productive.

Recently, I've really wanted a pair of the American flag style shorts as seen in Topshop quite some time ago, they are about £35. If I had that money to squander on shorts then suuure ting I would buy them, however I decided to make my own! You know me, if there is a way around spending money then I will probably try it. Unless it's theft, theft I would not try nor recommend.

I started off with a pair of old shorts that were originally jeans that I cut and then turned up. I bought some blue and white star print fabric as well the red and white striped from ebay. Both were really cheap for about a quarter of a meter, meaning that I spent no more than about £4/£5 on the making of these! That's abuot £30 cheaper than the Topshop ones!

All I did was measure up the lengths of the shorts, cut and sew the material on to them accordingly, literally couldn't be any easier. I might add some studs to the belt loops or try and distress the material to give it more of a 'worn' effect.

Tried to take some photos wearing them but they didn't really do them much justice! I wore them with a black chiffon collared blouse and a tan leather belt.  I think plain white vests look great with this style of short.

What do you think? Is this something you would ever try out?