Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Festival Frolics

The closest I will get to experiencing any festival action this year will be to place my face against the TV whilst it shows me repeats of the acts at Glastonbury. Why don't you just pay and go to a festival, Lillie? I hear you ask. Well, not only are they extremely costly but also I would be truly spoilt for choice. I would have loved to go to Coachella (sooo bloody much!) or Benicassim or Bestival, but alas maybe next year once I have a bit more dollar in my back pocket!

So, instead of experiencing the festival frolics this year, the muddy wellies, the damp tent, eating Heinz beans out a tin and drinking cheap cider til you can't remember any of the acts anyway (I'm a bit bitter about not going aren't I?) no, instead of all of this I will re-create some of my favourite celebrity festival looks and maybe pretend I am there...

Ah, Alexa Chung. How you pain me with your skinny legs and inability to ever dress badly. I would say Alexa has a fantastic style, never over dressing and always looking chic even if she is up to her knees in mud. Here she wears high waist denim shorts (bit of a wardrobe staple), Breton striped top and leather jacket.

Primark Leather jacket (I customised with studs) £10, Next Breton striped top via charity shop £2, vintage stone pendant necklace, Primark fringed bag £5, DIY denim high waist shorts- originally pair of jeans.

 Next up is TV presenter Jameela Jamil, another bit of an icon, she always seems to get it right and look cooler than any cucumber you could ever hope to come across. I think Jameela works both dressing up perfectly as well as laid back casual for festivals really well. Here she wears a casual black print dress with tan leather satchel and some black peep toe wedges.

Grey chiffon dress Oasis sale £10, Tan leather belt New Look £5, Beige wedge platforms Quiz £13, tan leather satchel - Car Boot £2, sun glasses Vintage, Necklaces Primark £2.

And finally Fearne Cotton. Always spotted at festivals around the globe looking too cool for school, if you will pardon that extremely over used expression. Here she wears an Iron Maiden t shirt with denim shorts and leopard print pumps. Really chic and simple and keeping it bang on trend this summer with a flower garland round that head of hers.
American Made vest Topshop £18, Denim shorts (as before), leopard print pumps Peacocks £10, vintage bag and flower garland Primark £2.

So there we have it, maybe if I were to go to a festival this year I would wear one of these three. Maybe.
Who are your festival style icons?