Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Polka dots!

It's been a while or two since I last posted here. I put this completely down to my shed load of other work that seems to pile up. I'm running several different jobs at the moment and i alwas seem to have additional homework to do on top! Having said that though, the time I devote to my 'homework' is actually broken up in to 85% me moaning about having to do it and 15% actually doing it, so as you can see I get a lot done. I have also been finding some brilliant ways to procrastinate and avoid doing work. These have included baking a Happy Hippo Cake (just a victoria sponge with 2 happy hippos awkwardly propped on top, watch yo back Delia) and by matching all the odd socks that have gathered in my sock drawer. Essential tasks that could only be completed when I have something really important to do. BTW- Does anyone else have an overwhelming number of Christmas socks?

Anyway, I took a trip to Petticoat Lane recently (one of my favourite places London has to offer!) and I always find tonnes I lurve.

Found this little polka dot blouse on one stall and asked the man how much it was, and his response was "£10, but for you £1." Fantastic. My kind of man, I thought as I passed him two 50p's, still thinking he was having me on.

I bloody love a bit of polka dot print and will be rocking this bad boy with a high waist skirt and a little ribbon tied at the collar.

Also- how lovely is this weather!? How have you been enjoying the sunshine?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


If I were to write a list of some of my virtuous qualities (omgz so vain) time keep would probably not be up there with 'generous', 'kind hearted' and 'undeniably sexy' HA I KID OF COURSE. Anyway from my birth 2 weeks later than scheduled up to yesterday when I was half a minute late for a train, it takes a bunch of effort for me not to leave the house organised and without a bit of toast hanging out my gob. The same goes for being on trend. I have always loved the Miu Miu Spring Summer collection from 2010 with the cutesy cat, dog and swallow printed pieces so it's no wonder than 2 years down the line I finally get an imitation pair of the shoes I have been lusting over!

Meooow! These are the beauties!

Man I love eBay. Bringing me and childish things that I don't really need together since about 2005.