Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Leo leo leopard print

Recently I've been helping my sister bit by bit sort out her room for her leave. Shes buying a house with her boyf (awwwww) and I've been helping her get her stuff packed up and ready to go. We've been sorting stuff out to get rid of and decided that it would be a grand idea to have a stall at a carboot sale in order to give our junk new homes. Oh we iz so considerate. I also have lots of tings to get rid of, so it made sense to do so! It went very well, though there were some mega scary hardcore customers who just literally wanted to rummage through our car boot "umm... I know it's called a carboot, but srsly?!"

Anyway, at the end of the day we reached that point where we just wanted to get rid of stuff so we reduced our belongings to about 50p each. A stall nearby was selling off everything they had for 10p. Everything. Kinda had to have a look. I managed to pick up these boots! A little scruffy round the edges and probably belonged to a man but for 10p I really wasn't too fussed.

I felt a bit sorry for them, which surprised me as I don't think I've ever felt sorry for an inanimate object before. I saw them sat there looking all sad so I bought them. I saw a bit of potential in them too, possibly some kind of DIY?
Recently I've seen loads of banging leopard print boots in shops and been really interested in buying some. Here's a couple for you to feast your peepers on!

Using a bit of acrylic paint and a bit of elbow grease I ended up with this...

I'm a little undecided abuot them at the moment, you guys will have to let me know what you think! But for 10p can you really go wrong?!