Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Summer Blues

Going on holiday is one of my favourite things. Alongside Cadburys Animal Biscuits. Mad Love for Animal Biscuits. Anyway, I'm not a massive fan of cold weather, don't know how or why I was under the impression that summer was hot. I am mistaken by these painfully rainy English 'summer' days. Yes I did just put summer in inverted commas, yes I am that bitter about this weather. So recently I have started to browse through my old holiday snaps and had a proper nostalgia fest. If I close my eyes and crank up the heating  I can almost imagine I'm back there... almost..

Man I need a holiday. Here's what I'd be rocking if the sun would kindly put his hat on... I hope you appreciate my Microsoft 'Paint' skillz..

 some nostalgia form holidays past...sigh..
Making sure dehydration doesn't get the better of us in Tenerife. Sensible.

standard feet in front of sea shot in Kavos last year!
banging lasagne!

lovely street in Corfu Town
Delicious mouse shaped cake in Corfu- a delicacy?
Boat Party in Kavos! We raved in a cave!

 Some of these snaps from Corfu may have been taken by friends Tala or Dana whos blogs are brill, and when I know how to link to a website I will add it here (Help plz?) OH how I should have listened mroe in ICT GCSE.

The moral of this post is that someone should whisk me away on holiday. I realise that's not really a moral, but you will have some serious morals if you do!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Summer Ball

Last week marked the end of my second year at university. It was full to the actual, metaphorcial, brim with dissertation proposals, report writing, presentations and general stressful shiz. One good thing that came of this god forsaken (bit too much?) week was our summer ball which was held in Picadilly in a really nice venue where there were HUNDREDS of cupcakes and spring rolls for free. I think that's all the convincing I need to do in order to get across how spectacular this place was!

 I wore the dress to the right. Originally from ASOS for £45 but I spotted it in a market in East London and nabbed it for £15. Bit of a reduction! It has a gorgeous open back and peter pan collar. I wore a cheeky leather waist belt with it and some lace up platforms.

There was also a photo booth which was a really nice touch, there were tonnes of random props that you could wear like hats and glasses while you had your photo taken.

me in the middle above!

...and by the end of the night there was some inevitable standard drunken statue kissing. Wait, what? No one else does this?

Was such a good night from what I can recall, roll on summer!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

 Man, I need me a pair of these Jeffrey Campbell Platform Boots.

 These pretty much epitomise 'break your neck' shoes, but know what? Sometimes I reckon a broken neck is a good price to pay for a pair of banging shoes. I say this with no experience of ever breaking a bone, let alone a neck bone.

I'm sure however if I had broken my neck at some point in my 20 years it would be a very different story. Anyway, I'm going off on a bone related tangent. Point is these shoes are the bees knees, quite literally, if bees were to wear shoes on their knees they would choose these.

Apparently though I don't have a spare couple of hundered squids to fork out for these. If anyone fancies being generous my feets be a size 6. If you're feeling even more generous I've been after a pair of the Miu Miu cat print shoes for many a moon.

It truly would be a cat-astrophe if I weren't to own these.
Yep, I went there.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Zombies

Haven't stopped listening to this song for weeks! Such a good song, you don't come across gemz like this nowa days. I sound like an old woman, I'll stop talking. enjoy!